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CILSJ Housing Support Services

CILSJ offers help with housing as well as many other services. We serve persons with disabilities in both Gloucester and Camden Counties by providing information and referral services . Although CILSJ does not offer housing placement, we do help you find the resources you may need. For example, we have many contacts who we are able to reach out to for you on your behalf, or give you a referral from our center to take with you to those housing appointments. We are not a facility in which we house individuals, we are simply helping our consumers find housing based on their income guidelines.  We also have many applications on hand for consumer use. 


Please be aware that Center for Independent Living of South Jersey, Inc. is not a placement program. Application fees and security deposits are the responsibility of the consumer, but CILSJ can refer you to other agencies which help with those things as long as funding is available. To make an appointment for housing be sure to contact CILSJ at (856) 853-6490 and any of the staff can assist you with making an appointment.


Listed below is the information needed for your initial housing appointment.

  1. · Proof of Identity (photo ID, birth certificate)

  2. · Proof of disability (doctor's note/diagnosis list)

  3. · Proof of Income (pay stubs, social security award letter)

  4. · Type of Housing (apartment, assisted living, etc.)

  5. · Location desired (Camden County and Gloucester County, but not Camden City)

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