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CILSJ is committed to serving persons with disabilities and their families by providing information, resources, and referral services and other services as well. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us using the box below or via email.

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Telephone: 856-853-6490

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"In these tumultuous times, kindness or at times even common decency are the most uncommon things in the world. Here and there, however God shines a light into this dark world. He lets these bright lights stand as proof that his children are not alone or forsaken at any age.In my life, the Center for Independent Living is such a bright light.


At first glance, the Center resembles little more than a hole in the wall. To those of us blessed enough to be touched by its outreach, it is so much more. It is a meeting place- somewhere to laugh, to cry, to discuss, to eat, to stay connected and informed. If a consumer has a question that the staff can’t answer, they hire guest speakers to come and talk to us and/or get us written material that might help. In short, the staff at CIL make the participants in its programs feel like they matter. We are always trying to raise money for one charity or another using a basket of cheer or other goodies. Once we even popped the cork and made a toast to our friendships and memories we have made. Friendly conversation fills our ears as free hot meals fill our bellies, boardgames keep the mind sharp, even if things can get a bit competitive. Simple crafts allow us to be creative as well as expressing our individuality. Perhaps most importantly of all, they miss you when you’re not there and provide groceries as a way of caring for you when they can’t be with you. CIL fills a gap in the lives and hearts of people with disabilities with its caring and knowledgable staff that go above and beyond for its participants."

Nicky Selah

"You guys are incredible! Without you, my daughter wouldn't have some toiletries and school supplies. Our family greatly appreciates the food drive as well ❤"

Judy Stetser

"My family has been involved with CILSJ for probably close to 10 years. The staff is amazing and beyond knowledgeable. They will go above and beyond to help in any way possible. From toileteies, groceries, school supplies to helping fill out forms for various programs and everything in between. There are various social groups to get involved in and training workshops. The staff is always looking for ways to grow their services to help families of all ages. If there is a need they are for any reason unable to help with they will work with you to locate resources who can. Over the years myself and my daughter have gained so much knowledge from our participation with the agency. At CILSJ you are not just a person you are family. It is a welcoming nonjudgemental environment filled with smiles, laughs, compassion and so many opportunities."

JoAnn Colaneri

"Me and my children are blessed to have a special organization that helps us when needed! I'm a disabled single mom of 3 boys! Without this organization I don't know how I would make due when I need extra help. Between groceries and toiletries, we are grateful for it all!"

Jess Boymama

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